What Are The Problems Related To Cold And Hot Press? Trouble Analysis Of Hot-pressing Machine

- Jul 17, 2018-

1. Hot Press and cold press, how can we distinguish? 

A: Hot Press and Cold press, the biggest difference is that there is no heating device. Because the cold press is not a heating device, so it is at room temperature for processing.And the hot press, it is to be the first processing materials for heating, Ang heating to a certain temperature, and then processing.

2. How to change the cold press machine into a hot press?

A: Cold press to change into a hot press, then the upper and lower pressure plate on the hot runner, but also to configure a heat conduction oil heater, so you can become a hot press.

3. Hot press exceeds set temperature, what is the reason? 

A: The reason may be that the temperature sensor or thermostat has a problem, because if these two normal, then generally do not appear this problem.