Which Cushion Is More Suitable For Veneer Hot Pressing Machine

- Jul 17, 2018-

Veneer Hot Press There is a silica gel cushion is that we now have a large demand in the market, is a number of manufacturers according to the characteristics of hot pressing machine specifically designed to produce a section, this cushion replaces the traditional felt mat, more suitable for use in the press in the suppression of strengthening wooden doors, plywood, flooring, particleboard.

Veneer boards and other various furniture occasions are very suitable. In the use of hot press friends should be aware of the use of cushion pads, in the work equipment combination of hot Press, cushion is installed in the middle of the template and hot plate, is in order to make hot plate work temperature and pressure can be very average transmission to each place, can let the substrate and veneer tightness more appropriate and symmetry.

Can be more flat bonding to a piece, so that can greatly improve the quality of products and surface smoothness, but also can effectively improve the pressure plate of the bad situation, a certain degree of protection of the template will not be harmed. The main structure of silica gel cushion is the combination of silica gel and skeleton in general market, the approximate thickness of 2.5mm, heat can be as high as 250 ℃, there is a strong tear pull, not easy to deformation, thickness is more uniform than the traditional cushion, the use of life can also be longer than the ordinary cushion.