Wide Belt Veneer Sanding Line

Wide Belt Veneer Sanding Line

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 BSG-2113RZ Wide Belt Veneer Sanding Line can polish various plates with a given thickness, and is suitable for polishing solid plates, veneer plates, shaving plates, MDF plates, etc. The machine has advanced indicators, high precision, reasonable composition, modern architecture and convenient operation. Have the world advanced level.

Sander line is including ① power roller (1 set) + ② lifter with power roller + ③ feeding (suction cup type) + machine lathe (8 plates) + 12 belt rack (after rotation) + ⑨ stacking rack (gantry type) + ⑩ driven The lifter of the force roller 11 back unpowered rollers (1 set) + roller conveyor frame (19 meters, can be adjusted according to your factory) + electrical box

BSG-2113RZ Two rollers and one pad type: The first unit is an adjustable steel roller, and the second unit is a combined type. By providing thickness and fine polishing, it is suitable for polishing various plates.

 Main feature(Plywood sanding machine)

1. The front control panel of the microcomputer can be operated conveniently and quickly.

2. The feed speed is controlled by the frequency converter, and the operation is flexible and convenient.

3. The frame has high strength, heavy weight and good stability.

4. Convenient maintenance, excellent safety performance and low failure rate.

5. The sanding machine adopts a casting structure with small deformation and good damping performance.

Parameters as following:

1.Sanding width40-1300mm
2.Sanding thickness10-80mm
3.Abrasive belt speed25m/s  
4.Size of sanding belt1330*2620
5.Voltage380V 50Hz
6.Main motor75KW
7.Transport reducer7.5kw
8.Transoprt speed10-30m/s
9.Lifting motor0.75kw
10.brushing motor0.37kw
11.Total motor83.62KW
12.Operating pressure0.6MPa
13.Dust extraction7000m³/h
14.Roller Diamter 300mm
15.Dimension 2100*2900*2440

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