12 Openings Veneer Hot Press Dryer

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Zhangzhou Xinhuacheng Machinery Manufacturing Co,Ltd. ( Xiamen Muzhiyuan Imp & Exp Co.Ltd ) As the leading manufacturer of woodworking machines in China, we have a proven history of manufacturing and producing high-quality woodworking machines and plywood. Over the years, we have had a chance to produce woodworking machines for a multitude of applications and uses; carving out a strong position for ourselves as the industry's best. Our factory can produce the 30 Set/Sets per Month. 

12 openings veneer hot press dryer can be used as hot press and drying machine. For hot press machine is used to bond the spread sheets together under high temperature and pressure. The packs remain under the prescribed conditions of temperature and pressure until curing the glue takes place. The result is plywood which requires sanding and trimming and is then ready for dispatch the drying function, after the hot-pressing procession, the machine will remove the excess moisture by regulating temperature.

We also can design the machine as our customer’s requirement, the customer need show us the specification as follow: Nominal pressure, platen size, daylight number and distance, and the process capacity, our engineer will design the machine for you.

Key Features:

 1. This is a hot-pressing breathing veneer dryer.  It looks like the hot press . The surface of the pressing plate is grooved and milled, so water will flow out soon after pressing. This structure makes it very efficient and productive. Its drying capacity is 35 cubic meters 24 hours a day.

 2. Its motor power only 13kw, average electricity consumption only 5kw/ hour, so the drying cost is very low.

 3. This hot press veneer dryer machine is heated by steam water or oil, so you can use steam boiler or oil boiler, and you can burn waste wood to heat the boilers. Cost is very low.

 4. As the veneer is pressed by solid hot platens when working, so veneer will because very flat after dry, and the veneer spoil rate is not high.

 5.It is equipped with the pinion and rack balancing system to keep the machines runs smoothly.

 6.Synchronize close system used, to guarantee that all the layers close at the same time.

12   Openings hot press dryer machine parameter as following

Max.   loading             40 T
Number of   daylights      12 openings
Platen Size   (l×w×t)     2800×1450×42 mm
Opening   distance 60 mm
Heating   mode                steam
Feeding   direction  Lateral feeding
Height of   working platform   4FT HEAVY TYPE NC.   Spindless veneer lathe with build-in clipper 
Cylinders        4×Φ100 mm
Max. stroke   of cylinder720 mm
Normal oil   pressure 12.7 MPa
Power15 KW
 Overall dimension (l×w×h) 5510×1814×3350 mm
 Approx weight                 22000 kg

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